Bas was born in 1992 in Venlo, the Netherlands and grew up there. As a child he followed a lot of creative courses like ceramics, painting and little performances. His dream was to be a theme park designer. So it was no surprise he ended up at the Art Academy in Maastricht, and later the Theatre Academy in Maastricht were he studied stage and costume design. Now he lives in Amsterdam, where he loves to embrace all of his passions as a interdisciplinary artist. His main job is productiondesign and styling. But he also loves the classic arts like working with oilpaint.

curriculum vitae

The Lobster from Giorgos Lanthimos, play, direction Anna Verkouteren Jansen, stagedesign, Frascati, 2017

Voodoo Rouge, performance from Anna Verkouteren Jansen, costume and stage design/building, Over het IJ festival, 2017

Voor Galg and Rad from Martijn Daamen, short movie, direction Paul Haans, costume supervisor and 2nd designer with Inez Coonen, Buzz Media and Het Filmhuus, 2017

Plankton, from Anna Verkouteren Jansen and Hendrik Kegels, costume and stage design, Frascati, 2018

Mindgasm, performance by Luit Bakker, costume and stagedesign, Likeminds, 2019

Collectief Narcis by Lisa van der Hoeven, play, direction by Christina Pfrötschner, costume design, AHK, 2020

Gabriël, short movie, direction Paul Haans,  costume design with Inez Coonen, 2020

Hoya for the visionairs, commercial, Towelmedia, art direction, 2020

Lakshmi, a series of videoclips, direction Freek Henkes, production design and styling, 2020

Lucardi, commercial, Cool creative, art direction, 2020

Phillips TP Vision, photoshoot, Lukkien, styling, 2021

Vivienne’s late night chow, series of clips for a videogame and photoshoot, Kingswood films and 110 industries, production design and art direction, 2021

Wacht FF, web series, Poederloeders, Haegens Media and NPO3, art direction with Annika Lelieveld, 2021

Red goes faster, Teaser videogame, Kingswood films and 110 industries, production design and art direction, 2021

The Skeleton Crew, Short film, Kingswood films and 110 industries, production design  , 2022

De Nederlandse Loterij, Commercial, Monaerk, styling, 2022

FairPlay Casino online, Commercial, Lukkien, setdressing, 2022

Centraal Beheer, Commercial,  Soda Films, art direction with Annika Lelieveld, 2022

VidaXL, Commercial, Lukkien, setdressing, 2022

Make a Wish, Commercial, RUMAG and Just Another Media Company, art Direction,  2022

The Silent Treatment, Feature film, Direction Caroline Strubbe, Minds meet, art direction and styling for the Dutch part of the movie, 2023

CCV, photoshoot, Full Frame, art direction, 2023

Op verzoek, short film, Direction Myrte van der Molen,  Harpy Films, art direction, 2023

Game on, feature film, Direction Roy Poortmans, Gates productions, styling together with Lisanne den Ouden, 2023

Scotoe, feature film, Direction Jamel Aattache, Independent Films, setdressing, 2023 

Basic fit, teasers, Full Frame, art direction 2023

FBTO, commercial, UHU production, art direction, 2023

Taskforce, commercial, PixelX, Art direction, 2023 

Lot of shoots in assignment of Poederloeders, special thanks to this platform.

Interior design

Concept/redesign for Budgetcam (camera rental company with 8 locations), client Bjinse van der Waag, Interior design, 2018 – 2020

Redesign for Statenzaal, Hof van Nederland (Museum), Poederloeders, 2022


Freelance paintingteacher at Schilderles Amsterdam, since 2017 

Background drawer for the Multimediatour at the Van Gogh Museum, 2017-201